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Encore Soap2Day

The audience is consensually prompted to gaze into the small, condensed universe of someone experiencing a fascinatingly destructive egomania. Here, they recognize behavior once thought to be beyond eccentric, yet today somehow normalized – perhaps sprouting from a modern culture of self-centered ideology? We witness in this character the downfall of self-idolatry; the frequent cause and occasional side effect of pathological narcissism; self-hatred. The struggle between loving oneself more than anything, while simultaneously desiring perfection, threatens to upend the film’s eerie dreamworld. However, a brief brush with self-awareness only serves to solidify the character’s self-obsession. An existential crisis half-realized – drowned in the shallow waters of Narcissus’ well.

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Views: 91

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Short




Budget: $200

Duration: 00:05 5min


Release Date: 2018-07-18

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TMDB: 0.0