Banjong Pisanthanakun

The Medium The Medium 6.5 2h 11min
The Medium
IMDb: 6.5
2h 11min

A horrifying story of a shaman’s inheritance in the Isan region of Thailand. But the goddess that appears to have taken possession of a family member turns out not to be as benevolent as it first appears.

One Day One Day 7.7 2h 14min
One Day
IMDb: 7.7
2h 14min

Denchai is a geeky 30-year-old IT officer whose existence is only acknowledged when his colleagues need tech support. Denchai’s mundane world is flipped upside down when he meets a new…

Genre: Drama, Romance
Hello Stranger Hello Stranger 7.5 2h 5min
Hello Stranger
IMDb: 7.5
2h 5min

Just like thousands of Thai couples, during the 9 days holiday of Songkran festival, a guy and a girl choose to visit Korea for their own specific reasons. They did…

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Phobia 2 Phobia 2 6.6 2h 5min
Phobia 2
IMDb: 6.6
2h 5min

An anthology of five macabre short stories about hungry ghosts, comatose brain dead, a group of bright-eyed actors, an unscrupulous car salesman, and careless backpack tourists.

4bia 4bia 6.6 2h
IMDb: 6.6

4bia or Phobia (Thai: สี่แพร่ง or See Prang) is a Horror Anthology. The first segment, ”Happiness” is about a lonely girl who corresponded with a stranger over hand phone text…

Alone Alone 6.4 1h 30min
IMDb: 6.4
1h 30min

”ALONE” tells the story of Pim who moved from Thailand to Korea to escape the guilt of being the surviving half of a conjoined twin. Flashbacks to Pim’s childhood show…

Shutter Shutter 7.0 1h 37min
IMDb: 7
1h 37min

A young photographer and his girlfriend discover mysterious shadows in their photographs after a tragic accident. They soon learn that you can not escape your past.